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Comprehensive Care, One Bird at a Time

Located in West Michigan, we are a non-profit, home-based parrot rescue. Our emphasis is on flock dynamics, raw, whole-food nutrition and a relaxed atmosphere. Each bird that comes into our home receives the absolute best avian vet care, diet, enrichment and "instructions" from the other birds in our flock. Birds landing here will find a soft, safe and intimate environment, be able to relax and show us their personality.

Ken and Nancee have a combined 50 years of experience dealing with parrots of all species. Our very first parrot together, a Yellow-Naped Amazon named Charlie, is still with us. Nancee began caring for parrots in 1983 with an Amazon and a pair of Brotogeris parakeets. We have seen the avian community ebb and flow throughout the years, and the end result has brought us here, providing a place for parrots in need. There is a special place in our hearts for the special-needs birds; Ken is extremely talented with providing custom enclosures and playgrounds to suit every handicap.

Every bird that comes in to our rescue will be placed in a roomy cage, and after a vet check, will be placed in with the rest of the flock. They are not kept in cages in a separate room; they will have a hanging playground, tons of appropriate cage toys, lots of windows and an outside aviary to enjoy. Our experience has taught us that the other flock members are better teachers than we are!

We would also like to recommend Dr. Jason Crean, Avian Raw Whole Food Facebook page; this is where we learned about providing the very best foods for the parrots; Lara Joseph at The Animal Behavior Center for providing insight and help understanding parrot's behavior; and My Safe Bird Store for various bird supplies.

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